Here at Tan Masters Aesthetics we administer the following treatments:


Anti wrinkle treatments

Dermal fillers

Skin rejuvenation


Dermal fillers are used to fill out wrinkles and creases in the skin, they also improve volume loss and definition.

How does it work?

Tan Masters Aesthetics only administer dermal fillers that are produced from Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally found in the skin. This can be injected into the desired area to alter its appearance by increasing fullness. As much or as little can be injected into the area as desired in order to create a more subtle or more dramatic look.

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure will always be administered with a topical aesthetic cream to reduce any pain that may be experienced. Small amounts of filler will be injected into the enhancement area depending on the result desired. The procedure will take around 30- 40 minutes.

Are there any risks/side effects?

The common side effects are swelling, bruising and redness. The following effects will subside in a few days post- treatment. You should always ensure you consult a trained medical professional when receiving dermal filler treatments. Tan Masters Aesthetics fully trained staff will always be present in order to deal with any unforeseen medical emergencies in the rarity that these may occur. All our fillers are completely reversible should any complications arise during the treatment.

Is dermal filler suitable for everyone?

We would not recommend treatment for clients who may be pregnant or breastfeeding, also any allergies that may make this treatment unsuitable. Before any procedure Tan Masters Aesthetics will conduct a face to face consultation with all patients in order to ensure treatment is suitable for the client.

Some of the reasons for the use of fillers are:

· More definition

· More volume

· Enhanced, fuller shape

· Correct asymmetry


Aftercare information:

· The use of intermittent ice packs and arnica cream with help with swelling

· Avoid excessive heat to keep any complications to a minimum

· Drink lots of water post- treatment to aid the bodies healing and to enhance the effort of hyaluronic acid


A full list of possible side effects will be discussed at the face to face consultation.

Aftercare advice will be given to every patient and any emergency care if required.

Dermal Filler Pricing

Consultation- £25.00 redeemable on treatment

Cheek enhancement: from £350.00

Chin filler: from £350.00

Jawline: from £350.00

Marionette lines (mouth to chin lines): from £250.00

Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines): from £250.00

Smokers lines: from £200.00

Tear through filler: from £350.00

Anti Wrinkle Pricing

Consultation- £25.00 redeemable on treatment

1 area: £160.00

2 areas: £200.00

3 areas: £240.00

All anti wrinkle treatments include an optional 2 week review included in the price. Please note this is only possible within the first 2- 3 weeks after your initial treatment.

Please note: some men may have a surcharge of £50.00 due to having larger face muscles which require a larger dose.

Other Areas

Gummy smile correction: £150.00

Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating): £350.00

Masseter botox: £250.00

Additional Add-Ons

Brow lift: £25.00

Bunny lines: £25.00

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